For more than 25 years, I was professional graphic designer, book designer, and photographer.


My preferred design medium was books; I loved the challenge to combine imagery — often my own — with design, striving to successfully represent and sell the contents within.


As a professional photographer, I traveled all over the Eastern United States photographing cities and towns, villages and landscapes, architecture, people, events, probably a few too many parties, and even occasionally, weddings. (My favorite part of photographing weddings was, quite naturally, making the couple a commemorative book in celebration.)


In November, 2016, I elected to take an early retirement, do a little consulting, the occasional contract project . . .  and dedicate the vast majority of my time to volunteer and charity work.


Some of that will be represented here, where media available for use by those organizations will be posted. However, not all of those galleries and/or files are publicly accessible, in order to give the organizations I've done the volunteering for control over the media.


As of this writing — February, 2017 — the year's plate is nearly full with awesome new ways I can help folks in Macon, Middle Georgia, and beyond: giving back to the people and communities that have done so much for me.


Details on availability will be posted as applicable. Thank you.


Photograph: Campground Lens Cap, Sapelo Island, Georgia, May, 2007. © Phillip Bradshaw.